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Pinwheels for Prevention

What is the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign?

Prevent Child Abuse America started the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign in 2008 to create a national effort to change the public's beliefs and behaviors regarding child abuse and neglect prevention. The pinwheel represents efforts to change the way our nation thinks about prevention, focusing on community activities and public policies that prioritize prevention right from the start to make sure child abuse and neglect never occur.

Why the pinwheel?


The pinwheel has been adopted nationally as a symbol of child abuse and neglect prevention. Pinwheels and pinwheel gardens help create awareness of the issue and of the role all of us can and should play in ensuring the development and growth of all children. Shining in the sun, the pinwheel is reflective of the bright, healthy future all children deserve.

To learn more about Pinwheels for Prevention, click here.


Plant your own pinwheel garden!
Pinwheel Garden-Davidson Elementary_edit

During the month of April, we invite you to use the pinwheel to show your support for children and families in our community.

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