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Contribute to the community conversation during Child Abuse Prevention Month!


Help us increase awareness with these easy steps:


  • Follow the Mecklenburg Child Abuse Prevention Team (@Meck4Kids) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

  • Use our sample social media posts below to spread a message of prevention.

  • Download our 2022 social media toolkit for more information about how your organization can help spread awareness on social media.

  • #PassThePinwheel! Take a photo with a pinwheel, post it on social media and tag your friends to #PassThePinwheel for child abuse prevention!

  • Let us know what steps you’re taking this April to promote great childhoods in your community. Share your actions with us on social media!

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#PassThePinwheel  #Meck4Kids  #BeAConnection

Sample social media posts

You don’t have to be a parent to prevent child abuse. We all have a role to play. Pay attention to kids around you, volunteer your time or offer help to a family under stress! Info: #PassThePinwheel #Meck4Kids #BeAConnection

We all have a role in protecting children. Check out these resources to learn how you can make a difference: #PassThePinwheel #Meck4Kids #BeAConnection

There’s no doubt the last two years have been stressful for families. Lend a hand to a family nearby. Volunteer with an organization that services children and families. More ideas: #PassThePinwheel #Meck4Kids #BeAConnection

The Greater Charlotte Hope Line is a resource for parents in crisis. Call 980-771-HOPE(4673) to be connected with trained advocates for parenting support, education and referrals. #PassThePinwheel #Meck4Kids #BeAConnection

A simple way to ensure you're prepared to help a child in need? Add 980-31-HELPS (43577) to your phone. That’s the @MeckCounty Child Protective Services hotline. Now you're ready to take a stand if you suspect abuse. #PassThePinwheel #Meck4Kids #BeAConnection

Research: Mentoring kids improves behavioral, social, and emotional outcomes. Learn how to create #GreatChildhoods by getting involved with kids in your community! #Meck4Kids #PassThePinwheel #BeAConnection

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